We are Glass Futures

We were founded over 10 years ago to make glass the low carbon material of choice with the hope of building the world's first Global Centre of Excellence

We achieved that dream this year with the opening of our research, development and training facility in St Helens. We are currently installing our experimental scale 30 tonnes per day test furnace.

Our mission is to demonstrate disruptive technologies and generate new ideas that support sustainability with our Global Centre of Excellence bridging the Technology Readiness Level gap between research and commercial viability toward implementation.


A vision was created to address an urgent industry need

The Journey so far...


First funded projects

More members join the cause

£7.1m low carbon contract from BEIS


Foundation members join the mission


Membership launched

The 15th GF employee recruited

Successful major ultra low carbon trial

Building Partnership

Participate in working groups

Grow the membership

Identify high impact activities globally


First GF employees

£25m funding secured

Design of experimental facility commences

Design of Experiments

Begin digitisation program for St Helens

In-depth look at global recycling

Feasibility studies for planned trials


Pilot Plant Start-Up

Pilot Plant comes online

Full scale low carbon fuel trials

Feasibility studies for new coatings

Looking to the Future...


Major Demonstrations

Novel secondary raw material demonstrations

Smart supply chain technologies trialled at scale

New coating technologies demonstrated


Roll-out and Repeat

Work on radical new programs

Roll-out technology developments

Support SME innovation and spin-outs

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